Whittier Through the Eyes of a Child

The student artworks will be on display from March 21 until May 26.

Here are the winners!

Andrews School (Part 1)

1st: Marcel Contreras, “The Night Time Oranges”
2nd: Isabel Rodriguez, “The Orange Patch”
3rd: Michael Morales, “Whittier Blossoms”

Longfellow Elementary School

1st: Isabella Quintana, “Valencia Orange Labels”
2nd: Cynthia Flores, “The Orange Crate”
3rd: Michelle Quero, “Going out into the Ocean”

Andrews School (Part 2)

1st: Mariana Rosales, “Lou Henry Hoover”
2nd: Wendy Liang, “John Greenleaf Whittier”
3rd: Michael Orta, “Richard M. Nixon”

Mill School & Technology Academy

1st: Kelsey Allsison, “My Town”
2nd: Ava Eastman, “Rainbow Whittier”
3rd: Kimberly Viveros, “Open for Business”

Dexter Middle School

1st: Belen Lara, “Pio Pico”
2nd: Erika Colby, “Lou Henry Hoover”
TIE 3rd: Ashley Rodriguez, “Lou Henry Hoover” and Anthony Gamez, “Quaker Girl”

Orange Grove Elementary School

1st: Mikey Longo, “Going out into the Ocean”
2nd: Elijah Valdez, “Welcome to Whittier Sign”
3rd: Drake Perez, “Welcome to Whittier Sign”

Katherine Edwards Middle School & STEM Academy

1st: Alexandra Villalon, “Viewing History”
2nd: Katie Martinez, “A Blast to Whittier’s Past”
3rd: Gabriel Rios, “Futuristic History”

Phelan Language Academy

1st: Samantha Dominguez
2nd: Madilyn Gonzalez, “Whittier’s Sunflower Sunset”
3rd: Noah Olmos, “Whittier”

Hoover Elementary School of Fine Arts

1st: Josie Procida, “The Countryside Sunset”
2nd: Chloe Huseby, “Going out into the Ocean”
3rd: Jasper Maust, “Whittier Welcomes You”

Sorensen Science Academy

1st: Paula Emilia Salazar, “Drilling Derricks”
2nd: Robrt Posada, “Drilling Derricks”
3rd: Lalo Arias, “M.I.A. Soldiers”

Lydia Jackson Elementary School

1st: Apollonia Cuellar, “Golden Oranges”
2nd: Destiny Calderon, “The Pretty Orange Farm”
3rd: Margarita Orea, “Whittier’s History”

West Whittier Elementary School

Denali Arellano, “Fabulous Orange Painting”
2nd: Samantha Espadero, “Gold Oranges in Whittier”
3rd: Destiny Parra, “Whittier Oranges”