Train Depot

On Friday April 7, 2000, the City of Whittier residents experienced a rare visual treat. On that day, the historic 110-year old Whittier Train Depot was moved from its temporary location on Philadelphia Street to its new location on Greenleaf Avenue, across from the Whittier Hilton Hotel. The move was divided into two phases: (1) the move of the “Tower” unit, and (2) the move of the “Warehouse” unit. The entire move took approximately 6 hours, with numerous Whittier residents – both young and old – watching the activities. The building, which was originally brown, was also painted a cream color, with a green roof and brown trim.

After having gone through restoration and refurbishment, the historic depot is now used by Whittier Dial-A-Ride, Whittier Transit and MTA buses, with Greenleaf Avenue used as a staging area for passengers.

In case you missed the historic move, the Whittier Museum is pleased to provided you with the following sequential photos of the move.

  • depotmove1
  • depotmove2
  • depotmove3
  • depotmove4

  • depotmove5
  • depotmove6