Gazette Archive

You can find archived copies of the Historical Society’s newsletter, “The Whittier Museum Gazette” here. Click on the issue date to read, download, or print any of the archived Gazettes.

You can also search across all the Gazette issues using the search icon in the menu bar at the top of this page. (Note: Gazette content is indexed using short tags usually 1 to 4 words in length, so searches with a minimal number of words will achieve the best results.)

The archived issues may be as much as 12 months behind the present month. Please consider becoming a member to receive the Museum Gazette every month by either US mail or e-mail. Click here to become a member for as low as $25.

Update 11-1-16:  The digitization of the Gazette archive is an on-going project.  Newsletters are being added from oldest to newest with more being added every week.